My right of passage into my 30's.....

I am staring at my green re-usable cup filled with delicious Crystal Light wondering at what point I let myself turn into my grandma.  I have never been a big soda drinker.  I enjoy myself a nice frothy beverage to the tune of Coca Cola Classic every now and then.  Diet Coke and any other diet drink tastes like butt to me.  I'm not joking.  If I were to imagine what it would taste like to drink liquid butt, it would be Diet Coke.  That is such a pleasant thought, I think i'll let that sink in for a minute.............

I'm back.  My lack of fondness for diet sodas and the fact that I've never drank coffee or tea has left me without the understandings of how pleasurable a good caffeine buzz can be.  Yesterday, Candice gave me a sample of C4 (you can read about what it is here) before our workout.  The only thing I knew about it was that it had caffeine in it.  And yes, I will accept mysterious substances from friends without a second thought.  Within 5 minutes I was sweating in my elbows and having an uncontrollable urge to incessantly laugh REALLY LOUD.  Needless to say I completed this workout about 4 minutes faster than the last time we did it and when I was done I wanted to bust through the window and run down the street.  I may or may not have been foaming at the mouth and had some sort of Dubstep music playing in the hallways of my brain.  Here's what I liked about it:  I drank it at about 9:20am and I had energy all afternoon!  I'm not sure if this was a placebo effect or not but I want to experiment with this new found pleasure.  

Back to my grandma thoughts...Crystal Light.  I have been drinking Crystal Light on a regular basis for about two months now.  It's how I try to justify getting my water intake.  I have always associated Crystal Light as the type of drink served in retirement homes.  I don't really have a good reason for this association.  So after my experience with caffeine yesterday, I bought me some Crystal Light Energy (basically just the caffeinated version).

It would be nice to find a way to get over my usual afternoon lull but at the same time hate to become dependent on something as lame as Crystal Light.  My self esteem bar has been lowered as I sip on my geriatric drink and realize this is just my right of passage into my 30's.  A coming of age of sorts.  I can start doing things like this now, right?  Maybe this is also a good time to start wearing my tennis shoes with my skinny jeans to the grocery store because they're just so damn comfortable.

I read an interesting article regarding the effect caffeine has on the body in relation to exercise a few years back.  It was published by a company I almost went to work for (long story) that has created, in my opinion, a superior hydration drink which includes caffeine in it.  You can read this article here (it's short and sciency).  

I am not sure what my final opinion is going to be on the caffeine thing.  I've never needed it in my life before.  But then again, I wouldn't have thought a few years ago that I would have needed adult diapers to jump rope.

Random moment:

Are these socks yours?  Neither do they match nor have I any idea how they got into my sock drawer.  I am almost completely positive that you will not be getting these back from me.  Thank you.  

My posting over this weekend may be a little sub-par.  Tommy and I are attending the Landmark Forum all day tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.  I will have all kinds of verbal vomiting about this when I come back for sure.  For now, just know that in a nut-shell, it is a program designed to experience a positive, permanent shift in your way of thinking.  I will be rolling my eyes all the way to the front doors, but I have seen firsthand via very close friends at how it has really made a difference in how they view themselves, their relationships, and their future.  I'm desperate here.

My highlights of the day have been being de-pantsed (really, who knows how to spell that anyway) by my husband as he was walking out the door to work and finding this gem in the DI box at the gym:

This kept my ladies packed in so tight that you could have punched me in the boob and your knuckles would have shattered.  This actually made it really hard to breath.  I apologize if this was yours.  I got it nice and sweaty for you.  But now you know that it is under the table in the DI box.    


1) What is your opinion or experience with caffeine in terms of exercise?

2) If you were mismatched socks, how the hell would you get from your owners into my drawer?


  1. Hmmm, Kenzie on caffeine? Sounds interesting.

  2. I haven't laughed out loud reading a blog in a long time. Thanks for that. Sock mysteries literally keep me awake at night. Where do they come from and where do their friends go and leave them all alone?

  3. Oh my goodness, you're hilarious. Is it bad I want to break into GPP and steal that bra? I have one for when I'm fat and pregnant/nursing an they really hold the ladies in place nicely. Seems like such a shame to send it to DI when you have a willing taker. Those aren't cheap! Thanks for the laughs.