Let's meet

Well hello friends and welcome.  I'm Kenzie.

I'm a smallish human with alarming large traps and lats.

About 5 years ago I got all crazy up in here and signed up for Ragnar.  I hadn't run or done much of anything besides gestate babies previous to this.  But I started and loved it.  Since then I've become an avid racer, completing mostly endurance road races and dabbled in the triathlon world.  I also began cross training and weight lifting daily.  Now it's kinda my thing.  My passion.      

I married Tommy 11 years ago when I was but a school girl at the tender age of 19.  He has recently joined me in the fitness realm.  He waxes and wanes on the daily cross training but his true love is triathlon.  He completed his first Half IronMan distance a year and a half ago and will be doing his first full IronMan this coming June.
Tommy looks like Vanilla Ice and I look like i'm 12.  

I have 3 kids, meet:




I try hard not to take life too seriously.  Although I love to compete and am about as aggressive as a pit bull in heat, I always find time to do something totally heinous to entertain myself, usually during, but not limited to my workouts.

I'll be honest, that is one of the few places that I have contact with other adults during my regular day.  

I am a total numbers nerd and love to organize and clean things.  If I could choose a career to pursue when my kids are a little older, it would be Biochemistry.  I am fascinated by the human body - how and why it works.  

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