Child stars, mummies and sharing a dirty kiss with Porky

This post comes a day late as I spent the entire day on the go yesterday.  I'm going to have to figure out how to fit all this blogging time in.  I actually look forward to it now that i'm dusting off the nooks and crannies of my brain.

I let my kids play hooky from school because they were asked to be in a commercial.  It was a random gig.  We have a friend that owns an advertising agency who had asked if they would help out.  And let's be honest, I gestated some fricking cute kids in this womb of mine, I don't blame him for asking.  They didn't have any speaking lines so I figured it would be easy enough for them on the fly.  I was just thinking that if anything, it would be a fun memory for them to have.

So let it be known throughout the annals of history and motherhood that I was 10 minutes early to an 8:00am appt in Draper with kids polished and clean.  The commercial was for Farmers National Bank.  Never heard of it?  Neither had I.  That's because it is in Idaho.  We are pretty big time around here.  The little farts had a great experience.



Our advertising friend suggested that I let him introduce them to TMG Talent Management to see if they can get into talent world.  I am not sure how I feel about it yet, nor have I talked to my kids about it yet so I will think about that more on Sunday (Sunday seems to be the only day where I can sit down and breath long enough to have any sort of productive thought processes).  The rest of the week is just crazy and neurotic ramblings.  Take what I write about on my blog as an example.  Ya, that kind of weird shiz is going on in my brain ALL THE TIME.

We also enjoyed making friends with the biggest horse dog I've ever seen.  He was a Blue Great Dane named Hero.  He was adorbs and presh.  I want one.

After we got done shooting airtime about amazingly low interest rate mortgage loans, I promised the kids that i'd take them to see the new Mummies of the World exhibition at The Leonardo museum.  We really love that place.  If you have kids and want something fun and mentally stimulating, I highly suggest that you take them to The Leonardo.  It is the old library downtown in SLC.  They turned it into a science and technology arts museum.

Here's what I love about it:
1)  Like the Treehouse Museum in Ogden or the Children's Museum at the Gateway, they have different workshop type areas with different focuses of learning.
2)  The bottom floor is dedicated more to the creative arts.  They have actual artists on hand to sit and create with your children and provoke creative thinking a hell of a lot better than this extremely left-minded mom can do with my kids.
3) The upper floor is dedicated more to science, but everything is so hands-on that the children are playing while they learn.
4) They have a "tinkering garage" area where they have projects that the kids can create.  This is my 10 year old Jonah's favorite area.  I can leave him in there while I go around with my younger two and he will sit there for 3 hours building simple machines and learning how and why things work.
5) They have have flipping BEAN BAGS for me to sit and sip my Crystal Light on while my kids are expending their endless energy.
6) They have traveling exhibitions that change about every 3 months or so.

Right now the exhibition is Mummies of the World, which happened to go right along with the ancient history book that we've been reading at night together.  My kids were so excited to be able to see actual mummies after reading about the rituals and processes that someone would go through to get from dead to mummy.  I also think it helped my 4 year old with her fear of mummies to see that they don't really come into your room at night to eat your brains.  Trip worth it right there.  It's a bit pricey and I was a little frustrated that my kids didn't want to sit and listen to me read each plaque that told about each one.  I guess I felt like that is how I justified the price.  If you're going to spend $50 to see something, it better take more than 15 minutes to get through dammit.  Either way, I'm glad we went.  We have purchased annual passes there because it is a great place to take the kids on a rainy day or for a quick after-school activity.  I highly recommend it.  You can read more about The Leonardo my clicking here.

That evening we went to my friend Jill's suprise 30th bday party.  It was a luau theme.  Usually, i'm all over the costume thing but I was in such a hurry going from one thing to another that I didn't have much time or energy to put into my costumery for the evening.  Luckily there was a spare set of coconut pasties for me to wear when I got there.

Highlight of the evening: eating the pig.  Dave Fuller smoked a little piggy and boy was it tasty.  Plus, Porky was so attractive and I could tell that it was undressing me with it's little baked eyes the whole evening.  What was a girl to do besides give in to the mutual attraction?


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