I am taking off my training pants and moving my blog to the big leagues.

Hi flyboys and homegirls, I haven't posted for awhile and that is because I have been working on getting my blog off of blogger and getting my own domain!  

Please view my blog by going to: www.sarcasminspandex.com
(no more .blogspot.com)

Be patient with me for a few more days while I teach myself all of the new backend stuff that currently reads like Japanese to me on the new hosting system and then it is game on.  It may look like a 5 year old is designing it for a few weeks until I hit blogging puberty.  This is serious shiz about to go down...

As always, I appreciate you giving me a read.  It has truly brought me so much happiness and fulfillment in the connections I've made with all of you in the few short weeks since this blog was birthed.  Please help me spread the word about my new blog address!

Smoochy doo,


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