I'm bringing back wooden teeth to the forefronts of trendiness

I'm really over this whole Siberian winter thing.  My house is freezing and we are too cheap to keep the thermostats over 68 degrees.  This leaves me completely unmotivated to wear anything besides my comfies.  And by comfies, I mean this super sexy adult sized one piece get up:

 There's a place for all me snacks in me pockets and a hood that really serves no purpose other than to complete the awesomeness of the whole ensemble.  This best part about it is that I have noticed that if I wear it out in public, it generally gives people the perception that I must surely be having a really hard day, otherwise why on earth would I allow myself to be seen in something so pathetic.  So I always get those extra random acts of kindness from strangers.  The element that most people are missing from this thought process is that I have no pride.  Therefore, one piece equals winning.

Plus leg warmers are appropriate always.
I don't seem to have a problem wearing booty shorts in the dead of winter around the neighborhood though. This is what I wore today because I knew that i'd start sweating my non-existent balls off as soon as I started this workout at the gym today:

I have really slacked off on caring whatsoever what items of foodery I have been putting in my mouth these days.  I am completely bipolar when it comes to my eating habits.  To be honest with you, I don't mind it either.  It works for me.  I diet on and off.  But mostly off.  I haven't been too particular about what I eat, other than I do try to keep a reasonable ratio of carbs and protein.  Generally, I eat at least 100g of protein a day.  This is because I supplement with it.  I have at least one protein shake/day and sometimes two.  This is out of convenience and because they provide a quick, easy and on the go meal for me.  These are my favorites:

Premier Protein shakes from Costco: I like them because they are reasonably priced for a pre-made protein shake and you can get one of the highest ratios of protein to low calories that I've seen.  I will acknowledge that they are probably not the cleanest shakes in terms of additives, but I choose them as a reasonably priced item that fits into a family budget.

Tera's Whey:  I love this stuff.  I first tried it from a sample that my friend Janetha from mealsandmovesblog.com gave me.  I just really liked the taste.  It was later that I found out that it was a whey protein derived from goat milk sources, which had not been a factor for me when trying it.  It's just freaking good.  The more I read about the company, the more I liked.  It's organic, very clean, and comes from a small business.  I like to support the small businesses when I can.  It is a little pricey though and only use it as my "treat" every once in a while.

Twinlabs Isowhey Fuel:  I'll be honest, my neighbor works for Twinlabs so we get a hookup on the cost.  I will say that I have been very impressed with this product though.  It tastes better than most powders I've tried.  This is the powder I use if i'm adding protein to any sort of green smoothie, it mixes well.

I am always looking for good suggestions when it comes to protein.  A large chunk of my monthly grocery budget goes to it so I like to find ones I am happy blowing my kids' lunch money on.

Other things I am blowing money on lately: dentist bills.  Gahhhhhhhhhhh.  Could our family collectively have worse teeth?  Our entire family (of 5) got cleanings and x-rays last week.  We ALWAYS have cavities (I had 7, it's shameful, I know).  I am a twice a day brusher and flosser.  It doesn't seem to matter.
Between a crown for both Tommy and I plus all cavities and such, we have spent over $2000 in dental bills in one month.  I don't drink soda and I truly eat little sugar.  It's a freaking mystery to me.  The only upside is that I really get all hot and bothered when I see Tommy in a paper bib.

Oh, and PS -

The winner of my first giveaway!!!!!!

Congratulations and condolences to "They Call me Lady Tiger" for winning this oversized and cumbersome TV from my garage:

And here's the best news you've heard in years: I am offering free delivery.  It will be delivered to your driveway within 48 hours.  That's as far as I can take it, I don't do stairs.  


  1. I am so touched and so honored! Last time i won something was a water bottle at the SDRC Thanksgiving 10k in 2010. Please deliver imy prize to me at my forwarding address, c/o Dave and Churro. Just put it on their driveway and i will pick it up from there. Eventually. I swear.

  2. I love this! You're so funny and I enjoy your thoughts on so many random things.