Oh the things that i'm ashamed of...

Technically speaking, I literally couldn't have started my day off any worse than I chose to.  That's because at midnight last night, this was happening...

I am so ashamed.  I had to make the last pic really large so you could see that my first batch came out at 11:45 at night.  NOTHING good happens when I can't sleep.  That's because 95% of the time that I am awake when I should be sleeping, I utilize that time to enlarge my backside area.  And the worst part was that I hated the recipe.  So what did I do?  Ate two anyway with a glass of milk chaser, watched 2 episodes of Breaking Bad and then went to sleep at 2:30am to let it all fester and turn into fat.  

I did have a nicer than average morning.  I went to GPP to bust out a little testosterone with some heavy weighted back squats earlier than usual.  On the days that Tommy is leaving for a work trip, he usually stays home until his flight leaves mid-morning.  Of course I am going to take advantage of that time to do some of my favorite things:
-Gym without kids
-Run outside
-Take a bath earlier than 5:00pm
-Enjoy a nooner

Now i'm not going to say which of these things I actually did do today, but I can tell you that I did in fact get back squatted by my fellow thigh arm sister for life Katie (12 reps too):

Damn, Gina!

I also enjoyed a nice and snowy 1 1/2 hour run on the blvd. with said thigh arm for some good chatty watt time.  Back when I started getting into racing, I spent a lot of hours getting some good therapy while logging the miles.  It has been a long time since I've been able to do that.  It reminded me of why I really got attached to running in the first place - and it has nothing to do with the running itself.  I have some thoughts about how running and my life are related and i'm working on that post for tomorrow.

But for today, back to the things that i'm ashamed of:

Tommy's airplane travel attire.  He knows I detest this matching jumpsuit getup.  He obviously is proud of himself because he gave me permission to post this.  Look at that smug face.  I am allowed to wear hoodiefooties though so shut it.  

I absolutely am addicted to banana chips.  Really.  There is not much more I can say to make this okay for you, myself, or my bowels.  So I will continue to wash them down with some Crystal Light and move on to something i'm not ashamed of:

I paid my 4 year old $1 to take a nap with me.  I got about 4 hours of sleep and combine that with a 1 1/2 hour run, I was freaking tired.  Normally I might think this to be totally pathetic, but we ended up not sleeping at all.  I got to spend 45 minutes curled up to my little snuggle bug while she sucked her thumb and talked about all of the bizarre and insightful things that a 4 year old has to say.  We determined that cyclops's are not real.  

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