Heavy lifting and colon therapy, anyone?

First off, huge news in the flash sale world:

Colon hydrotherapy?  Sounds like shoving water up places that shouldn't have water shoved up them.  No thanks.

I have been in the hot seat with my 4 year old lately.  My hot seat being my seat in the car.  It seems like she has really wanted to dive into some extremely philosophical conversations while we are driving lately and I don't know how the hell to answer them in a way that will make sense to a 4 year old.  Take, for example:

Indie: "Mom, why is it okay for a boy to see your private parts when you have a baby?"
Me: "Well because he's a doctor and he's trained to deliver lots of babies every day."
Indie: "So does he see lots of private parts every day then?"
Me: "Why yes, yes he does....."

Or our conversation on the way to the gym this morning:

Indie: "Mom, did Heavenly Father create the whole earth?"
Me: "Yes, I believe he did."
Indie: "Did he use his hands or did he use lasers from his eyes?"
Me: "Hmmm, well I'm not really sure but I think I can rule out laser eyes.  Because he is God, he has special powers and he can just think things and they will appear."
Indie: "Is it like magic?"
Me: "Ya, sort of like magic."
Indie: "So does that mean he can see us all the time?"
Me: "Yes"
Indie: "Does that mean he can see me when I use the bathroom?"
Me: "........."

This is about where my good ideas run out.

SURPRISE!  I went to the gym this morning.  Tuesdays are typically my heavier lifting days at GPP.  I love/hate them.  I love them because they have some pretty cool effects on the body that you can't get from doing cardio/circuit training.  A lot of this has to do with the effect that heavy lifting has for important hormonal secretion/reception.  Short bouts of high-intensity exercise release Human Growth Hormone, Adrenaline, Testosterone (important in females too), and Serotonin to name a few.  These all contribute to weight loss, muscle definition, increases in performance and the ability to fight off diseases and illness.  I hate Tuesdays because they usually require some sort of coordination or an ability to not be a pansy and I usually lose at both of these.  But nonetheless, I have been slugging them out for over 3 years and I can't deny the positive results.

I also love that I have been able to teach my kids the importance of weight lifting in fitness (even if just by example - Jonah is the blondie on the right).  Maybe a little of it will rub off on them...
Neil (owner and trainer at GPP Fitness) wrote a great article about why it is important to include heavy lifting in your weekly workout routine.  You should read it - it's short and very interesting.  Click here.    

Another reason I like Tuesdays: it's one of the few days that I can actually do my hair in the morning and not completely sweat it out like a hippo in a sauna.  Unfortunately for myself, I realize that the only people that are going to appreciate my efforts in terms of hygiene are myself and the teenager at the checkout aisle.  Or, as today went, I realize that i'm a moron for trying because I went for a run this afternoon and it looks like poo anyway:

Moral of the story: ponytails and sweatpants for life.  I have a closet full of stilettos and clothery of a "womanly" nature but you'll only get to see me wearing them about once a year.  I do actually curl my hair sometimes.  But you'll never know that.  I am a large and sweaty man at heart.      

Since I have been getting back into some outside running, I have been on the hunt for some new running music.  I have over 1200 songs in my iTunes library and I am pretty sick of almost all of them.  Even though I am constantly revamping my playlist with new music as it comes out, I have a list of my top 20 all time favorite running songs that stay on the playlist:

Top 20 all-time favorite running songs:
These are a must have on my iPod during any race:

1)   Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups
2)   All Over You by The Spill Canvas
3)   Dashboard by Modest Mouse
4)   Island by The Starting Line
5)   Painted by Numbers by The Sounds
6)   Major Tom by Shiny Toy Guns
7)   Pain by Jimmy Eat World
8)   Stronger by Kanye West
9)   Lose Yourself by Eminem
10) Chances by Five for Fighting
11) Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers
12) Everlong by Foo Fighters
13) Ghosts N Stuff by Deadmau5
14) Tiptoe by Imagine Dragons
15) Gold Guns Girls by Metric
16) Not in Love by Crystal Castles
17) Till I Collapse by Eminem (GREAT song to start at the bottom of a nasty hill)
18) The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes
19) The Resolution by Jack's Mannequin
20) Power by Kanye West

That tis be all for now.


1) What is your favorite running song (or gym song)?

2) Will you please help me explain to a 4 year old why it's okay for a grown man to view my lady parts?  A doctor, that is...

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  1. I freakin love you and your funny blog. I just caught up on about 6 posts and i am peeing my pants. I love your guts! i call i get to be in your car for r2R!!