Why yes, that is a small animal down my shirt.

Why is it so hard for kids to close doors when they leave the house?

I just about rent my clothes after walking by the wide open garage door for the 3rd time today.  Yep, 3rd.  I love my kids but they are a little challenged.  That is my nice way of saying that they are retarded.  

My post today was supposed to be my first recipe.  It's my favorite pre-race breakfast.  And no, i'm not racing today.  I did heave my body up and down a 2 mile long hill over and over for 1 hr 15 minutes in prep for R2R (this is what I shall type when referring to Rim to Rim henceforth and forevermore).  But since I knew i'd be getting up early, I decided that I would make my favorite overnight slow cooker oats.  They are the perfect pre-run fuel when you want to roll out of bed at the last possible second and get out the door.  I am ashamed to inform you that I realized after the fact that I hadn't done the whole step by step picture thing that seems like the appropriate blogger etiquette for recipes.  Fail.  So I am not giving you my amazing recipe just yet.  You get this picture of me working out in a diaper instead:

It was a box jumps day.  Enough said.
I decided to take Sugar with me for a night out on the town.  And when I say night out on the town, I mean a day out at the grocery store and dentist office (seems to be my favorite place lately).  Sugar is our pet sugar glider.  For those that have never heard of a sugar glider, they are a marsupial native to New Zealand.  The easiest way to describe them is like a smallish flying squirrel.  

Meet Sugar:

We first heard about them back when Tommy owned a water treatment business.  He would have a booth at most home shows, which is where he came across a delightfully crazy sugar glider breeder from Texas.  I am not usually a fan of small cage pets.  They stink and they don't do anything.  I was sold on the idea of a sugar glider because:
A) They are a marsupial and therefore don't have that rodent smell.
B) They clean themselves like a cat so you don't have to groom them.
C) They are a social animal and once bonded to you, they love to snuggle with you.
D) Their diet consists mainly of fruits and veggies so I just feed her whatever we are eating for the day.
F) They have freaking flaps of skin connected to their arms and legs so they glide like a flying squirrel! 
G) Other than giving them a little attention each day, they are content to hang out in their cage and curl up in an old sock.

She fell asleep in Tommy's hand like this.  I promise she's not dead.
I was the crazy animal lady today.  I wore her in a pouch around my neck everywhere.  I don't do it often but the little lady needed some loving and what better way to show my love than to nuzzle her against my bosom.

Speaking of animals: 

It's time for my next giveaway!!!  I would like to thank the top shelf of my garage for being my generous sponsor.  All you have to do to win this bad boy is guess what kind of animal used to live in it.  

That is all for now.  I just snagged some tickets to take my girls to see Odyssey Dance Theater's hip hop version of Romeo+Juliet tonight.  


1) Have you ever owned an unusual pet?

2) Have you ever worked out in a diaper?  We are in the circle of honesty here.  

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